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SELFLLERY Further Vision
Dear friends!
SELFLLERY is about to finish the 1st round of Token Sale in 72 hours.
Let us inform you about the news and our decisions related to development and the chosen way of the project according to our RoadMap and White Paper. 
1. We announce the 2nd round of Public Token Sale, that will start on the 31st of May 2018.
2. To the moment when the 2nd round starts, SELFLLERY will have a fully operational platform on Ethereum blockchain with each Like being converted to YOU Token.
3. In the second round YOU Token will have higher compared to the first round price. During the second round YOU Token’s value will be go up. In the end of the second round emission value of 1 YOU Token will be 0.002 ETH.
4. We have come up to a decision to create a charity foundation and to freeze for it 20 millions YOU Tokens (from total amount of 55 millions YOU Tokens which were emitted in the 1st round of TGE) for 1 year.
5. During the Roadshow* we have met a huge interest in our project. SELFLLERY is expecting to involve several investors in order to speed up further development of the platform.
6. Also due to strong interest to the platform on the part of Investment Funds and different investors we will hold Private Second Round Sale. 
Let us remind you: only 72 hours left till the end of the 1st ICO round. Now we also accept Bitcoin and some ERC20 tokens as the means of payment.
1. EOS (EOS)
2. Tron (TRX)  
3. OmiseGo (OMG)
5. Binance Coin (BNB)
6. DigixDAO (DGD) .
7. Populous (PPT)
8. Maker (MKR)
9. Status (SNT)
For news and more details:
ICO - Token Generation Event: https://tge.selfllery.com/
WHITEPAPER: https://selfllery.com/wp/selfllery_whitepaper_en.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/selfllery_en
Conferences: Warsaw - Dubai - Saint-Petersburg - Moscow - Istanbul- Seoul - Hong Kong - Shanghai- Berlin


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Не повезло со временем ICO, весь рынок сейчас в просадки, отсюда и ослабевший интерес инвесторов.

5 months ago
Only 1 day remained before the start of Cryptocurrency World Expo 2017. Cryptomaniacs from all over the world will gather to discuss the industry trends in Warsaw. 34 speakers will tell about their ideas and future trends of industry in front of 1400 audience. The event will be held in Multiplex in Zlote Tarasy (Golden Terraces).
One of the most anticipated events is the presentation of Diamond Partner of expo - Selfflery, a social platform based on blockchain technology. Authors of this project are ready to offer a completely new approach to the monetization of visual content.
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It just got easier to follow our news, behind the scenes with the team, the progress development for the project and many more.
Join us on:
See you there!
We can not help but sharing such tremendous news with you! Being only at the stage of development and formation, one of the US leading online newspaper "The Huffington post" have already made an article about SELFLLERY project. It is a really great honor and our team will not dwell on what has been achieved yet.
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