A: SELFLLERY is a multi-functional social platform created to monetize visual content.


Q: How can I earn money by publishing photos on your platform?

A: Each 'Like' or comment your photo generates earns you an award (part of a YOU token).


Q: How can I transfer my earned tokens to my wallet?

A: Tokens are transferred to your Ethereum-wallet automatically. As soon as the platform is operational, you will get an opportunity to transfer YOU tokens to your Ethereum-wallet.


Q: Is it true that I can donate any amount of my income to charity?

A: Absolutely. You need to quantify the percentage of your transactions, (from 5% to 100%), and choose a category. This specifies that your contribution will go, (totally or partially), to that chosen category. If you do not specify a category, your contributions will be equally shared among all charities.


Q: I want to become a part of this project. Is this possible?

A: Yes, of course. Anyone who wants to promote their visual content on our platform can join us. But remember that you can only be registered in our system one time.


Q: I want to learn more about the project. Can I find you on any social networks?

A: We have accounts on almost every social network.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Selfllery/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/selfllery

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/selfllery/


You can also join us on Telegram channel to discuss the project.

Official channel: https://t.me/Selfllery

SELFLLERY-token sale: https://t.me/selfllery_en


Q: What is a 'YOU token'?

A: SELFLLERY’s internal cryptocurrency is the YOU token - used for purchasing goods and services from the SELFLLERY marketplace, or you can exchange your tokens with friends on the platform. YOU tokens can also be donated to charity or withdrawn to Ethereum wallets, making their usage versatile.


Q: How much are 1000 'likes' worth?

A: At the moment we are still defining and calculating the rate. The rate will depend upon the number of active users in the system.


Q: How many tokens do I need to have in order to withdraw them?

A: You can withdraw any amount of tokens.


Q: Can I sell goods at SELFLLERY?

A: Yes, it’s possible. However, at this time, selling is carried out only with YOU tokens.


Q: Can I use SELFLLERY as a promotional platform?

A: Of course. You can also sell ads at SELFLLERY for YOU tokens.


Q: How can I publish photos on the site?

A: At the top of the home page, click on the “upload photo” option. Choose the photos that you want to publish, specify the category, add a title or description, and upload the photo.


Q: Can I send personal messages to users?

A: Yes, you can. Go to the user’s profile and click the envelope icon (to the left of the profile photo). Remember, it’s forbidden to send spam.


Q: Can I connect my account to other social networks?

A: Yes, you can. It actually makes registration easier. You can connect via your Facebook or Google+ account.


Q: Is it possible to upload videos?

А: It will soon be possible to publish videos and streams. Follow the news.


Q: I want my profile to be at the top. How can I make that happen?

A: You need to upload qualitative content, write comments and follow other users. Also you can promote your photos and your gallery using YOU tokens.


Q: What currency does YOU tokens convert to?

A: YOU tokens convert to  Ethereum.


Q: When does TGE start?

A: TGE starts on the 5th of March.


Q: What is the maximum amount of YOU tokens you sell?

A: The maximum amount of YOU tokens for sale is 55 000 000.


Q: What if I upload great photos now but later don't get anything for them?

A: Users who add photos now will get a special rate before the program starts, and will get twice as many tokens as users who join SELFLLERY after TGE ends.


Q: How many accounts can I have?

A: Only ONE account. Any future accounts will be blocked.


Q: What are differences between SELFLLERY and Nimses, Steepshot, and so on?

A: First of all, we are a social platform, with many more opportunities and modules. Our platform organizes photo contests, allows users to sell photos, and enters into smart-contracts with bloggers. The whole platform is built on gamification. It’s interesting for people to participate in the platform's creation and to develop along with it. Moreover, our platform has ratings and tops. These are some basic differences between us and the others.


Q: What does “SELFLLERY” mean?

A: It's a portmanteau of “SELF” and ”GALLERY”, so literally, it means “a gallery created by mySELF”


Q: How do I get verified?

A: Right now we are trying to make sure people don't register twice. This makes verification a bit more complicated. You will need to take a selfie with a watermark, which you'll send when you seek verification.


Q: Is there an opportunity for targeting advertisements of services and products?

A: Yes, SELFLLERY advertisement module gives you ability to make targeting on your ad.


Q: What is unique about SELFLLERY?

A: SELFLLERY is the social platform that gives ability to monetize visual content in cryptocurrency.  SELFLLERY provides photostock,  charity program, new advertising technology, photo contests and photoquests. The SELFLLERY reward system uses ERC20 tokens built on Ethereum blockchain technology.


Q: What is the difference between a social network and a social platform? Why is SELFLLERY called a social platform?

A: SELFLLERY integrates a huge number of modules related to our ecosystem. This is a marketplace, a photo bank and a platform for photo contests, in addition to a gaming platform related to visual content, for example, photo-quest, and various 'AdTech' technologies.


Q: What is the price of a YOU token?

A: At the moment, the price of a YOU token is 0.001 ETH.


Q: Which wallets are maintained?

A: At the moment wallets are not maintained, but we are developing them. That means that your internal wallet will function and all transactions will be possible through transactions with Ethereum.


Q: Can I download your application?

A: You can currently get the application on Google Play Market (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.selfllery.makephototakemoney), and the app for iOS will be available on the 4th of March.


Q: Which problems does SELFLLERY resolve? For whom it will be useful?

A: SELFLLERY solves the problem of monetization of visual content, and enables users to earn money with their visual content by getting 'likes.' Currently, users are uploadeding photos and videos to Instagram & Facebook, for example, without getting any compensation. Soon you will be able to earn money with your photos, videos, and live broadcasts. In addition, part of the profits that the company will receive will be directed to charity. Our platform will help those who need help. Also, users will be able to sell their photos and videos, which can be an extremely useful feature. All this will pass quickly, correctly, which is provided by the blockchain system.  SELFLLERY will also provide an opportunity for its users to become part of a charitable foundation, as a percentage of the money that they earn on the platform can be redirected for charitable purposes.

Our platform will be of particular interest to popular bloggers who have many subscribers, as they'll be able to communicate with them directly and monetize their popularity. This figures to be popular because right now, as social networks such as YouTube, which had made it possible to monetize social activity, have reduced their payments.

'Likes' are proof that people are viewing content, and also reflect upon the quality of said content. Therefore, high-quality content will receive a lot of 'likes.'


Q: How will YOU tokens be accepted?

A: At the moment, YOU tokens are accepted only inside our platform. They can be used to buy in our Marketplace or to promote photos, or to participate in contests. But soon there will be more options for using YOU tokens.


Q: What is the time-frame for transferring tokens to a wallet?

A: During TGE, tokens will be credited to personal accounts instantaneously, in the blink of an eye.


Q: How do I learn how many tokens I've earned?

A: Whenever you enter your account, you'll see your balance of available tokens and all billing operations. Tokens cannot just vanish.


Q: What is the most secure and convenient way to store YOU tokens?

A: The safest way to store YOU tokens is to keep them on our platform until we support wallets. Now we are working on safety issues.


Q: How much personal data about users is SELFLLERY collecting?

A: The amount of personal data will depend upon the user’s type, content and copyright. For instance, if one wants to sell photos it will be necessary to verify the account. If one wants to take part in contests, that also requires verification. The system is not anonymous.  Anonymity in our system is provided only for passive users, who simply want to look at other users’ profiles. Anything more will require some sort of verification.


Q:  How can I use YOU tokens?

A: YOU tokens can be used inside the platform to promote your own profile, to purchase goods at our marketplace, to buy ads, to buy photos in the photo-bank and to donate to a charity. Soon you'll be able to transfer YOU tokens to your ETH wallet.


Q: Is it possible to buy tokens with real money?

A: Yes, indirectly. YOU tokens can be bought with ETH, which you can buy with real money. Soon we expect to add the option to purchase tokens directly, but that will be closer to the TGE date.


Q: How soon can I get my tokens?

A: During TGE you will receive tokens immediately. Right now you can book tokens at tge.selfllery.com